Spoiled Bunny is a Spaz

Everyone keeps saying when are you going to update your blog..... We really don't have anything new to say. Jake is still working hard and preparing to go to the U this fall. I am finally working again while taking some more classes at weber and doing research with one of my professors.

Recently we celebrated Chelsea's graduation by going to a carnival ( really I just tricked Jake, Chelsea, and my parents into going) I had a blast though, winning prizes one of which is being shown by Chelsea, and the other a fantastic pet gold fish named Pina Colada. Boston loves Pina.

We have recently tried to win Bunny's affection with toys and gifts.



And for those of you who don't believe our bunny's condition.... This is just a mild one.



Claudia Neilsen said...

You have a funny bunny!!!!
I am really suprised at how good the pictures are from your cell phone.

Jill McQuade said...

Happy Fathers Day Jake- daddy to a crazy bunny. Don't worry, I think the bunny gets it from nat. :) thanks for the post.

Curtis & Lauren said...

OMG Tash those are the funniest videos of your bunny! I was laughing so hard :)

Jessie.B said...

natasha, you need to update your blog! PLEASE.

Jill McQuade said...

ok, you're coming awfully close to a year with no update......................

THAT's BAD... grrr