Spoiled Bunny is a Spaz

Everyone keeps saying when are you going to update your blog..... We really don't have anything new to say. Jake is still working hard and preparing to go to the U this fall. I am finally working again while taking some more classes at weber and doing research with one of my professors.

Recently we celebrated Chelsea's graduation by going to a carnival ( really I just tricked Jake, Chelsea, and my parents into going) I had a blast though, winning prizes one of which is being shown by Chelsea, and the other a fantastic pet gold fish named Pina Colada. Boston loves Pina.

We have recently tried to win Bunny's affection with toys and gifts.

And for those of you who don't believe our bunny's condition.... This is just a mild one.

New Flying J hat

January in a nutshell

Jake and I have stayed busy studying this last month. I have begun this semester at Weber taking way to many classes at once. I have 16 credits and 9 lab hours a week, with all of the homework to go with it. Jake has spent January studying to take the GMAT test to go to business school at the University of Utah. He did really well, he got a 720 out of 800, which equates to the 95 percentile. We are happy to finally have verification on just how smart Jake really is. Boston Bunny too has been busy trying to get as many treats as possible. Jake has taught her a trick, she does it all day hoping it will catch our attention. She has a new found love for banana chips, and along with the nickname of Gatoraid Bunny some might call her Banana Bunny.
We have received so much snow this winter, and there doesn't appear to be any relief in the near future. Jake wanted Bunny to experience her first snow, and as you will see in the video clip she too, is a hater.

Adventure Into the House of Wax

Recently we went to Dallas Texas, to scope it out. We found lots of unpleasentries instead of an apartment to live in. We decided to not move down there, but to have fun while we were there. We made it to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum and Madame Tusoo's House of Wax. It was a lot of fun, but smelled a little funny. We went early in the morning and as a result we were the only people there. In the wax section they had created a spooky alley--- which truly was terrifying. We had to fight over who would proceed through the next door first. It usually was Jake! Some of the rooms had no animation, just wax fixtures, so we would relax. So we would be caught of guard when violent noises and lights were activated by us. It turned out to be much scarier then a real haunted house, and a lot more fun!

We were able to meet many celebrities the list included: Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, Jesus, all the presidents, Suddam Hussein, the cast of Star Trek and of course the Harry Potter Trio!

In the Ripley's portion we got to see some awesome things- like a real mermaid skeleton and a shrunken head!

Finally a Blog

Several people have pleaded with us to be sheep and start a blog of our own. Here's to you Jill!

Jake and I have been married for nine months now and have a new addition to our family. We have named her Boston, blue eyes and blond hair (well really white hair). No not a child but a bunny. Jake potty trained her in two days, so she is a non caged rabbit that runs the apartment wild. We have found that when given lettuce she has violent seizures, so the vet suggested she be on a strict diet--- alfalfa hay, water, and Gatorade! She has now become addicted to Gatorade- and nicknamed Gatorade Bunny.